Pak Tak is a garment manufacturer with a 30 year history in the textile industry. The company's main focus is to be a reliable supplier to its customers around the world. Pak Tak (Kwong Tai) recognises the importance of working closely with its customers, in order to give them the support they need to serve the consumer. Innovation and adaptability are key points that have always provided Pak Tak with competitive edge. The ability to support the customer in the selection of yarns and in the transformation of design concepts into marketable merchandise is what counts. This service to the customer is then combined with the ability to produce merchandise to the highest quality standards at competitive prices.



Pak Tak (Kwong Tai) specializes in the production of knitwear and cut & sewn items. Focusing on sweaters for ladies, men, and children

  • - in all heavy gauges (3gg, 5gg, 7gg, 9gg, 12gg),
  • - in hand knit, hand crochet
  • - basic cut & sewn items such as polar fleece garments and jersey knit garments.



Pak Tak supplies garments to customers all over the world. The major customers are located in Europe and the United States, but we also serve customers in Australia, Japan, South Africa and South America. Our customer include renown brand labels, department stores and mail order companies.